Gove wants to force Primary Schools to become Academies

From the AAA website

Michael Gove has announced that he intends to force 200 ‘failing’ primary schools to become Academies, with another 500 threatened.

The history of Academies ‘fixing’ schools is not very impressive.

Of the 74 Academies entering pupils for 2 or more years of GCSE’s In 2009, 32% saw their results fall, this is a larger proportion than in the maintained sector.

Does Michael Gove really think that taking Primary Schools out of the direction of Local Authorities, and placing them in the hands of other schools, is what they need? Or is he creating chains of Academies ripe for Edu-business to pick?

We are already receiving calls and emails from Primary Schools concerned about Gove’s plans. If you would like us to send a speaker to meet your Headteacher / Governors / Staff / Parents please email or call 07528 201 697

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