White Hills Park consulting on academy status

White Hills Park Federation (Alderman White, Bramcote Park and Bramcote Hills Schools) is currently consulting staff and parents on whether to convert to an academy. At present, the governing body has “expressed an interest” but there has been no decision yet.
The consultation meetings for parents are being held at the following schools:
Alderman White is Thursday at 6pm
Bramcote Hills is next Tuesday (4th Oct) at 6pm.
If you can help the Anti Academies Alliance campaign against the conversion of these good local schools then get in touch.

2 thoughts on “White Hills Park consulting on academy status

  1. As someone who works in a primary school, I’m very concerned by all the money that’s being taken away from the likes of us and given to these Academies and Free Schools. We’re struggling enough to support the children with SEN as it is without sufficient resources. More Academies will make our situation even worse.

  2. Completely agree Morag. We need parents to campaign together for accountable local schools under Local Authority control. Michael Gove seeks to make every school in Britain a small independent business. And when some of those businesses fail, well, there are plenty of big sponsors ready to step in and run those schools. If he had his way Free Schools would be run for profit.

    Can you help us out with leafleting at White Hills Park next Tuesday?

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