Opposition as school plans to ‘opt out’ and become an academy

From the Nottingham Post
A SECONDARY school is the latest in Notts hoping to become an academy.

Rushcliffe School, in Boundary Road, is consulting with parents and pupils over its planned status change.

If it gets the go ahead, it would no longer be under the direct control of Notts County Council.

Funding would come directly from the Government, with the school having more control over setting staff wages and choosing its own curriculum.

But the proposed move has drawn some criticism, including from parent Martin Sleath. He said: “The free market approach implied in academy status is privatisation by another name.

“It threatens professional services provided to schools by the local authority such as special educational needs, educational psychology and school transport.

“Furthermore, it will lead to a retreat from the notion of a comprehensive school to provide for all children’s educational needs in the area and a move towards a fragmented, marketised style of education.”

Mr Sleath is urging governors at the school to take a stand against the plans.

A number of Notts schools have already changed to academy status. They include West Bridgford School, which did so earlier this year, in spite of some opposition.

Rushcliffe School is holding a meeting for parents at 6.30pm on Wednesday, November 23, to explain how it would work as an academy.

Head teacher, Phil Crompton, said: “I think that the world we live in is anticipating all schools over the next few years will become academies.

“It’s not as if we are the first in Notts to be considering this, and it’s not as if we are pushing the boundaries.

“At the end of the day this is merely a consultation process, no decisions have yet been made and all points of view are welcome.”

Schools can apply for academy status if they are rated by Ofsted as either outstanding, good with outstanding features or have three years of exceptional exam results.


One thought on “Opposition as school plans to ‘opt out’ and become an academy

  1. It’s so striking that none of the proponents of academies seem able to offer a more convincing argument than “well, everyone else is probably going to do it”?? That simply won’t do on an issue of such magnitude. We must celebrate the achievements of comprehensive schooling and ensure that we thwart the pirates and privateers who want to take advantage of our schools simply so that they can line their own pockets.

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