South Wolds Consulting on Academy Status

The governing body of South Wolds Community School has applied to become an academy under the Academies Act 2010.
The school’s website sets out the following information
Further information about what becoming an academy means, and how to comment on the proposals, is set out below. The governors are engaging in a full consultation with the whole school community.  This consultation started on Tuesday 21st February and finishes on Tuesday 27th March at 11:30 am.
You can make comments or representations by:
  • writing to the usual school address – please mark the envelope clearly with the words “Proposed Academy Conversion”;
  • sending an email to
This letter explains to parents and carers the background to the governors’ application to convert: Application for Academy Conversion Letter to parents
This is the letter explaining to parents how they can engage in the consultation and also sets out some questions and answers about the proposal to become an Academy.
Department for Education Academy Website sets out the governments’ position on Academies
An example of the opposing view is set out on the UNISON website
Updated questions and answers based on correspondence received by 27th February.

2 thoughts on “South Wolds Consulting on Academy Status

  1. Governors at South Wolds have provided no evidence whatsoever that conversion to an academy will raise educational standards in the school. Information existed in the public domain until very recently which suggested that governors had overseen the running up of a huge budget deficit under the last Headteacher. If true, this must call into question the Governing Body’s suitability to manage the budget into the future. If the school becomes an academy, governors will be subject to even less public scrutiny and will be less accountable than they are already. The current Headteacher and governors are merely the current custodians of the school. They owe it to this and future generations of pupils not to make a dangerous decision to convert the school to become an academy just because it may be something that may satisfy their short-term personal ambitions.

  2. There weren’t many parents at the South Wolds consultation meeting last night (I counted about 11 plus any parent governors who turned up). Perhaps their decision to start the meeting at 5.30pm had something to do with it?! I might almost conclude that they planned it that way??

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