More Free School Market Madness – Cotgrave Free School Proposals


Just as parents and staff in West Bridgford have been coming to terms with the destabilising effect that the Torch Academy company’s proposed ‘Trent Bridge Free School’ is bound to have on the existing schools, news has broken that two teachers currently employed at the Carlton Academy now plan to hold public meetings designed to promote their own free school in nearby Cotgrave!

The chaos that many parents hoped might be confined to West Bridgford looks like it could now spread throughout Rushcliffe.  Members of ‘Hands Off Notts Schools’ take no pleasure in saying that all of our predictions that the academies and free schools agenda was bound to pose a serious threat to our education system already look like they are coming true.

We welcome the belated realisation by the Headteachers of West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Schools (two schools that recently became academies) that “competition” perhaps isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be after all!  However, we need to do more.

It appears that a meeting at which more details of the quaintly-named ‘Liberty Oak High School’ may be revealed is scheduled to take place at Cotgrave Welfare on Thursday 15 November at 7.30pm.  Things already seem to be a bit confused though as other press reports have suggested that Wednesday 14 November is the date?!  We will put more details on our website if and when we can obtain them.

If the Liberty Oak plan gets the go-ahead, then it can only take funding – and pupils – away from other state schools in the area.  Hands Off Notts Schools urges all interested parents to go along to any meeting that finally takes place to voice opposition to this dangerous and ill thought out proposal.

And join the Hands Off Our Schools campaign!


3 thoughts on “More Free School Market Madness – Cotgrave Free School Proposals

  1. Stop the world – all these ‘visionary’ academy headteachers want to get off. Suddenly, the brave new world isn’t as attractive when the competition is as cut-throat as they are!

    • Hi Catherine

      Let me know if you want to get involved in the Hand Off Our School campaign and I’ll get you added to the group email list if you want to go on it?

      Best wishes,


      • Thanks Andrea,

        Please add me to your list.

        Best wishes


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