Academies Budget is £1 billion overspent says National Audit Office

The BBC reported  on 22 November that total expenditure on academies amounted to £8.3bn – £1bn over budget.

The £1bn includes £350m paid to local authorities for temporary continued funding of places at non-academy schools, effectively double funding places while academies were being set up.


One thought on “Academies Budget is £1 billion overspent says National Audit Office

  1. The National Audit Office report simply spells out everything that the main teacher unions, the Anti Academies Alliance and some members of the Local Government Association were saying many months ago. Michael Gove – with his customary arrogance – said simply that we were all liars and that our comments reflected our “desperation” as “opponents of change”. Even the other day, this out-of-control and irrational man demonstrated his high-handedness in rubbishing Lord Justice Leveson and defending the continuation of an unregulated press before the judge’s report is published!

    I cannot understand why Mr Gove’s dishonesty has not been challenged more effectively by Labour politicians. It’s about time Stephen Twigg (Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary) summoned up the courage to tackle the academies scandal “head on”. Academies and free schools are all about running down local authorities and picking fights with teachers and their unions. They are nothing to do with educating children properly at all. Everyone can see that the economy is in a mess… do we really want this government to carry on squandering OUR public money like this?

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