‘Academies ripe for fraud’

A respected magazine, EDEXEC:  ‘supporting business and financial excellence in schools and colleges’, has warned that the risk of fraud in schools is increased with the onset of academies and ‘free’ schools.Solicitors Anil Rajani and Catherine O’Reilly, in their article say, “Unlike local authority-run schools, these types of educational establishment have a more self-governing approach, with headteachers and staff given more control over budgets.” The Audit Commission also raised concerns last year. It has apparently received a large volume of allegations of fraud from governors, teachers and parents. Read the whole article.


One thought on “‘Academies ripe for fraud’

  1. It’s often interesting to listen to some of the governors at schools where there is a “push” for academy status. The ones who vote in favour tend to latch on to buzz phrases that they have heard (“we are critical friends” is just one that springs to mind) and I have heard several boast that they “really hold the Headteacher to account for his/her decisions”. I’ve never found them terribly convincing. Maybe they are trying to convince themselves more than they are the rest of us?

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