Hello – I’m a recently retired secondary school teacher who retains a strong interest in education and a deep concern about the way it’s moving at the moment. As someone with a little extra time on his hands,  I’ve volunteered to take over the editing and managing of this site,  which is dedicated to keeping parents, teachers, governors, councillors – indeed, anyone who cares about the future of the state education system in this country – up-to-date with stories and issues around academies and ‘free’ schools in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area.

If you have news, stories or concerns you would like to see aired on this site, please use the ‘Contribute’ form, reached from the top menu. You can also use this form to let us know of any item you’ve found on the internet that you think should be followed up.


2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. I wish you well in your fight against privatisation. My fight includes that but covers all factors that work against teachers operating in harmony with pupils parents and communities without overt central influence in the form of inspections, excessive testing and overly-prescriptive curriculum legislation. I am happy to work with any parties to seek change.

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