“A fairy tale of…”

HogwartsYes, it’s that time of year when we enjoy pantos and fairy stories – or maybe a good blockbuster. If you feel the need for some good fiction you can probably do better than visit the website of The Trent Bridge Free School – but go there anyway (click image).

Remember, this school doesn’t actually exist: it’s someone’s creation (a bit like Hogwarts, pictured above) – so who are those smiling pupils in their smart TBFS uniforms and earnest teachers working with them? They must be models, mustn’t they? Read all about the ethos and curricululum of this entirely imaginary school. Lots of mention of the word ‘tradition’, ‘Latin’ slipped in there and a reference to LAMDA public speaking exams but, broadly speaking, a bit like any other school only, unlike many, this one is ‘outstanding’. But how can that be, you ask: it doesn’t exist? Well, exactly: this is a fantasy, remember?

Bored with the story line? How about a word game? Try playing ‘Spot the Typo’. Here’s one: parents are told they will have a twice-yearly chance to consult with their “child mentor”. Well, I know they say they want to encourage leadership qualities but… Perhaps they mean “child‘s mentor”.

Finally, a good cracker joke. ‘When is a ‘free’ school not a free school?’ Answers, on a postcard, to…..

Best wishes to all supporters for a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. And our resolution? To stem the tide of academies and free schools, of course!


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