Academy teachers’ low morale

Everybody recognises that one of the key factors affecting the quality of education a child receives is the quality of the teacher in front of them. So it ought to worry all of us that a survey of teachers carried out by YouGov has found teacher morale is currently very low (click image to read the full story in the Guardian). A Department of Education spokesman tried to put a brave face on it but there can be no doubt that teachers believe they are not valued by this government and oppose all its major policies including academies, free schools, the EBACC Certificate and, less surprising perhaps, changes in teacher pensions and the abolition of national pay negotiations. 

Depressing for Michael Gove, but no great surprise to those of us who also oppose his policies, the picture is no better in academies and ‘free’ schools: only 13% of those teachers thought the government was taking education in the right direction. Whilst a few have applied for jobs in academies since they converted, most staff in these schools were there already, effectively ‘hi-jacked’ by an ambitious or ideologically-motivated head. They have seen Gove’s future and, as far as they are concerned, it doesn’t work.


3 thoughts on “Academy teachers’ low morale

  1. I’d add governors who either withhave large egos and crave some fanciful idea of “more power” for themselves and/or who just don’t fully understand the issues, to the Heads who are pushing academy conversions through?

    • Good point. As far as I can see, if a head and chair of governors are in favour of academisation it is likely to go through. However, the point of the original post was to highlight the crucial importance of classroom teachers in the provision of high quality education. If they are feeling fed up or ‘got at’ it is likely they won’t be pulling out all the stops. Heads, chairs of governors and Secretaries of State are not there at the point of delivery. Gove will dismiss this poll finding, no doubt, but it will only get worse if he continues to ignore teachers and their representatives.

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      • You have to wonder (or rather fear) where Gove does want to take schools given his complete disregard for any kind of logic or commonsense! He appears determined to visit the (so-called) “perforrmance” culture on schools that was shown to be such a failure in other public services years ago. I fear this could be the final straw for many teachers?

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