He’s done it again!

Yet another primary school is being forced down the academy route by the Education Secretary, against the will of the parents and governors. Although he has the power (well, he gave it to himself!) to do this where a school has a history of underachievement which is not being addressed, Roke Primary school in Croydon has always performed well but was given a notice to improve by OFSTED at its last inspection. Governors claim this was largely due to a computer breakdown which meant staff couldn’t give inspectors data they needed quickly enough and that the problems have already been fixed. Yet, before OFSTED have had a chance to return for a ‘monitoring’ visit, Michael Gove has handed the school over to – you’ll never guess – his old chum and Tory donor,  Lord ‘Carpetright’ Harris. Parents and governors have described this as a “hostile takeover” and there was an almost unanimous vote against the move at a recent meeting of parents.

Read the full story in the Guardian.


One thought on “He’s done it again!

  1. How many times do we have to say this… it’s really astonishing that politicians of all political persuasions – but principally the Opposition – aren’t highlighting the moral bankruptcy and the scandal surrounding academies policy? Actually, it’s criminal.

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