Fairfield academisation: opposition mounts

A meeting on Wednesday evening (16th January) revealed considerable opposition to proposals for Fairfield Primary School in Stapleford to convert to an academy,  among parents at the school and those at nearby William Lilley Infant School. This site has been contacted by several people who were at the meeting. One of them listed concerns expressed at the meeting,  including a possible rise in costs for activities, the expectation that parents purchase iPads for their children and the speed with which the proposal is being rushed through.

Another commented: “A group of parents from William Lilley Infant & Nursery School who attended the meeting at Fairfield are, I believe, not happy with the proposals for academy status and the lack of notice given to them before a decision is made. They are planning to take further action.”

The consultation period has been set to run until 15th February and Hands Off Notts Schools would support parents in urging the governors at Fairfield not to make a decision until that process has been completed.

If you are a parent at Fairfield or another local school, such as William Lilley, or a local resident, and you are opposed to the academy conversion, we would urge you to contact the Chair of Governors at Fairfield to express your opposition. You might also wish to request that the governors do NOT make a final decision at least until after the end of the stated consultation period, and that the governors should conduct a proper ballot to determine accurately the feelings of all parents at the school and at ‘feeder’ schools.

 To contact the school you can:

  • write to: The Chair of Governors, Fairfield Primary School, Toton Lane, Stapleford, NG9 7HB
  • email ‘theoffice@fairfield.notts.sch.uk’, putting ‘FAO Chair of Governors’ in the subject line
  • go to the school website at ‘www.fairfield.notts.sch.uk’, click on the ‘Contact us’ button, scroll down and complete the contact form (remembering to press ‘Send’ when you have done!)


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