If academies are the answer, what was the question?

Ripe to be turned into an academy - if it wasn't one already!

Ripe to be turned into an academy – if it wasn’t one already!

Information emerged with the publication of the so-called ‘league table’ data last week, that 200 schools across the country failed to achieve the government’s ‘floor target’ for GCSE, that is, that a minimum 40% of students should achieve at least 5 good GCSE grades (C or above) including English and Maths. The fate for such schools, under Michael Gove’s regime, is that they are highly likely to be turned into academies. All, that is, but the 60 of those ‘failing’ schools who are already academies. No news what might become of them. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, locally, the Ormiston Ilkeston Academy was rated ‘inadequate’ by OFSTED just before Christmas.


3 thoughts on “If academies are the answer, what was the question?

  1. The continuing and obscene lack of transparency by the DfE is one of my major concerns. But sooner or later, when their flagship academies project is shown to be flawed, then they will come unstuck. And the ‘sooner’ is now, it seems.

    • Certainly hope so, Neil. But the evidence ‘for’ academies has been pretty thin all along, as far as many of us can see, but the drive to improve standards is not what this is about so a few academies falling by the wayside won’t matter to Gove. By the time he is finished, many of our schools will be outside local democratic influence, many in the hands of edubusinesses like the Ormiston group. Whether or not the project is self-evidently flawed will be irrelevant as our state system will have been transformed to an essentially private one.

      • Thanks for your reply. I am well aware of the very badly hidden privatisation agenda – I wrote about it here : http://www.educationreform.co.uk/Live/index.php?Id=95 – but find it stunning how brazen they are about the whole process – especially with Roke School in Croydon. That has been the most blatant example of cronyism in the face of passionate desires for democracy you might imagine. I set up my site with a view to being an activist on his matter. A letter is bound for Michael Grove courtesy of my local MP on the matter of the matter of academy overspending.

        I have joined the Socialist Education Association to try to get some more on political matters – just received their quarterly newsletter, which necessarily has articles on Gove.

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