Yet another forced academisation

Unsurprising really, but it has just been announced that Sinfin Community School in Derby WILL be converted into an academy. Those who thought Gove’s recent setbacks would divert him from his purpose were wrong. The new academy — converted as early as 1 May this year, according to some reports — will be run under the auspices of Greenwood Dale in Nottingham.

Interesting to compare Sinfin with the Djanogly Academy in Nottingham: both serve difficult areas and have had questionable results for some time. Of course, Djanogly IS an academy so can’t be turned into one, but it HAS been told by the DfE to ‘pull its socks up’, no time limit, and if it doesn’t improve it will have its sponsor forcibly changed. Not sure how that’s a threat. By the way, last year’s GCSE 5+EM results were several points below the government ‘floor target’ whereas Sinfin’s were just above.

Another curiosity: in justifying the Sinfin decision the DfE statement says that more than half the respondents to the consultation were in favour. Now, in the first place, we only have their word for it and, in any case, who knew they were counting? Pretty sure there have been other instances where the consultation, if put to a vote, would have gone the other way but so often ‘consultation’ is rather vague and consists of meetings at which people have a chance to voice concerns but where a head count isn’t taken. At least under the old Baker/Thatcher ‘opting out’ grant maintained madness there was a properly conducted ballot of parents which had to be published. Now, the process is hidden and, indeed, since respondents might well express an opinion without actually saying ‘I’m for’ or ‘I’m against’, it is open to interpretation whether they support or not. Maybe someone needs to do a ‘freedom of information’ request to find out how many responded and how many expressed a clear preference for the school becoming an academy.


One thought on “Yet another forced academisation

  1. Mr Gove has claimed that academisation enables individual schools to “innovate”(?) free of what he sees (even if nobody else does) as “local authority interference”. How truly “independent” will Sinfin School manage to be then once it has been subsumed into Mr Day’s ever-growing portfolio of schools at the Greenwood Dale Trust?!

    According to the Greenwood Dale Trust website, Mr Day wants his organisation to control at least 20 schools by September 2013… and there I was naively clinging on to the belief that these “visionaries” are motivated only by a desire to “improve the life chances of the children”??!!!

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