Tell us what you know

In recent days, stories have surfaced in the national press about ‘financial irregularities’ in academies – misuse of public money which should have supported children’s education. Maybe this is happening in local schools. If you work in or are involved with a local academy and you know that funds are beIng misused, spent frivolously or extravagantly on things that don’t seem to have much to do with education : tell us. Use the ‘Contribute’ button above – you need to give us your name and email address to show ‘good faith’ but we will not publish any details that could identify you. However, we will publish information that shines a light on the weakness of financial control in academies that, by their nature, are outside proper democratic accountability.


6 thoughts on “Tell us what you know

  1. George Spencer Academy purchased personalised number plates for (more than one) minibuses shortly after converting to academy status. Obviously intended to create a corporate “brand” How much do these things cost?

    • How many minibuses do they have? I think the cost of such things varies depending on how desirable it might be thought to be (supply an demand?)

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  2. I wonder what was going through the mind of the person who made that decision?! How can the acquisition of ‘corporate’ number plates possibly enhance the quality of the pupils’ learning?? That’s just unnecessary waste!

  3. I know of a school who has bought ‘uniforms’ for reception staff from next and m&s.. How does than enhance student learning?

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