And more evidence about ‘free’ schools

Reprinted from ‘Save Our Schools’, Facebook page of the Anti-Academies Alliance:

“According to Ofsted, one of the “free” schools given £2.5 million had a headteacher who “lacks the skills and knowledge to improve teaching.” and whose “Governance is inadequate”. Another, given £6.5 million had no statemented children and none on free school meals. Two were previously independent schools. Another, given £2.5 million was deemed to be indequate. One deemed “good” replaced a school which was previously outstanding. One of the independents was previously deemed to be outstanding but now is deemed to be needing improvement. So much for Gove wasting money and claiming he is improving education.

“Free” schools are not improving education
“Free” schools are not being created in response to parental demand
“Free” schools are not good value
“Free” schools are not being opened where there is a shortage of places
“Free” schools are not providing fair access.

Either Gove has faith in Ofsted (as in his justification for closing Downhills and giving it to Harris) or he doesn’t. If he does, he should admit that he is wrong on “free” schools (and academies, as it happens).”


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