Money well-spent

Grindon Hall Christian School was, until very recently, a private school catering for children aged 4-18, whose parents wanted a school with a fairly up-front Christian ethos in a rather traditional, private school setting. On the curriculum is a subject called ‘Divinity’ and another called ‘Classical Studies’ where pupils can learn Latin or Ancient Greek.

In 2012 the school became a ‘free school’ which it accurately describes on its website as a ‘state-funded independent’ school so we, as tax payers, are now paying for this school. Unsurprisingly, the school claims to be highly over-subscribed (lots of people think it’s great to be able to send their kids to a private school at taxpayers’ expense) and has plans to open a second school. It is currently shaking off allegations from campaigners that it was teaching ‘creationism’ as a valid scientific theory, on a par with ‘evolution’. This allegation was based on a document on the school’s website which is no longer available.


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