Bradford ‘free school’ arrest

The Yorkshire Post is reporting that the Principal of Kings Science Academy in Bradford has been arrested and is being questioned as part of a police investigation into fraud at the school.


2 thoughts on “Bradford ‘free school’ arrest

  1. “Innocent until proved guilty”, of course. I a wider sense though, I will be astonished if there aren’t many more similar arrests in free schools and academies in the coming months and years. I sense that it’s almost inevitable?

  2. The Principal – who is also the founder – could be entirely innocent, of course. Worth checking recent Yorkshire Post stories as quite a few bizarre things have been going on : Tory party connection, possible financial mismanagement reported by DfE official on the phone (no notes or transcript of the call!) as for information only so nobody acted on this, executive sponsor (whatever one of them is) who owns and takes rent from land on which school is built, who is also a Tory vice-chairman, wrongly thought by DfE to be chair of govs and eventually it seems no one was chair of govs (surely someone noticed : who, for example was, um, chairing meetings of governors?) – read the full sorry story, it’s breathtaking!

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