Police investigate another academy

The Independent newspaper is reporting yet another police investigation has been launched into financial irregularities at an academy. The Education Funding Agency has started to recover  £162000 from Glendene Arts Academy in County Durham, that was not used appropriately. It’s a familiar story: a private company set up alongside the state-funded academy, for which several school staff worked. Some of the money was then used to pay for things which appeared to have little to do with the education of the children.



2 thoughts on “Police investigate another academy

  1. I had a meeting with Advanced IT Services, working from George Spencer Academy premises, about Broadband only last week. During the conversation I discovered that the employees were actually on the payroll of the Spencer Trust and that the profits were gifted back to the academy. If you look on the Advanced IT Services website they are openly making it known of their connection. If fact Phil Dixon is Managing Director and was George Spencer IT technician many years ago. Their vision is to provide broadband to the whole of the housing around the academy in future years. I wonder what happens with Jill Wilkinson solutions?


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