Academy going begging in Sherwood

The Telegraph is reporting that the academy chain E-ACT is being stripped of ten of its academies by the DfE because of poor performance. One of these is their Sherwood ‘branch’. According to the DfE, new sponsors will be found for all the off-loaded E-ACT schools. Now, who do we know who would like to run a school in Sherwood?


One thought on “Academy going begging in Sherwood

  1. The inadequates at E-ACT, Gove, Philip Owen and Vernon Coaker should all reflect that the losers in this completely unnecessary farce are members of the school community at the ‘Sherwood Academy’. All of them have to take their share of responsibility for allowing a combination of political dogma and profiteering to override the interests of the pupils and the staff there who are working hard. It’s not acceptable for people to be treated as guinea pigs in this way and it’s about time some of the above characters demonstrated some bottle and showed some true (not imagined) leadership!

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