Academies: wasting YOUR money!

For those of us who have always known what a waste of taxpayers’ money academies (and ‘free’ schools) are: more evidence.



2 thoughts on “Academies: wasting YOUR money!

  1. That is not wasting money…’s called being prudent with you finances. Saving up for stuff over several years. it’s called good accounting practise.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The purpose of the post was to link to the Guardian article, with an admittedly pejorative heading and comment. If you have read the article you will know the issue is about money being ‘stockpiled’ by academies (and ‘free’ schools, which are a special kind of academies) as contingency. This is, as you say, very prudent of them. What I am critical of is the academisation (horrible word) policy which has led to academies collectively holding much more money than Local Authorities used to, for the same purpose (to provide a kind of pooled ‘safety net’ for their schools). By fragmenting and ‘privatising’ the school system, the Coalition has put schools in this invidious position. It’s ironic that, under the LAs, much lambasted by critics from the right for their profligacy and waste, much more of our money, paid to schools, would have been available to be used actively to buy facilities or equipment, or pay staff, to improve education for millions of children. That is why I said the money was ‘wasted’.

    Academies and ‘free’ schools have cost us money in lots of other ways, at a time when we have been told there is little about, other public services have been decimated and therefore what we have must be used prudently. Examples range from the setting up costs of new schools in areas that didn’t necessarily need new places, to the costs of ‘consultants’ and solicitors, exorbitant salaries for ‘executive heads’ and CEOs of academy chains, money dubiously syphoned off by companies with uncomfortably close connections to academy or academy chain directors, and supporting newly set up schools which are clearly not viable in the first instance. (A good local example is the capital outlay on Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology, which, with only just over 100 students, is clearly non-viable at the moment and clearly must be being subsidised). Since there is little evidence that turning a school into an academy either forcibly or by choice (of the governors), or setting up a ‘free’ school, improves education overall, we at HOOS would argue that this money has not been used efficiently and has, therefore, been wasted.

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