Edwalton Primary School – heading for academisation?

We have received the following from ‘EdwaltonParent’:

“Edwalton Primary School has just launched a consultation to convert to academy status with the Flying High Trust.

I’ve just come across [your] blog post about Beeston Fields Primary School and was stunned about how identical the situation is.

The governing body has done all they can to keep parents in the dark about this. They sent out a letter on Tuesday [19 May 2015] and started the consultation the exact same day. We have half term starting next week – so no time for school gate exchanges, and the consultation goes pretty much to the end of term, with academy status proposed for beginning of term in September.

The wording about staff consultation is identical:  “Staff have
been involved in the process to date and no objections have been raised by them in relation to this proposal and in fact they recognise the benefits.” I agree its probably the same sham.

There isn’t any intelligent material on why the school needs to convert and the pros and cons.

Does anyone know what happened at Beeston?

Letter regarding Edwalton Primary School proposed academy conversion

Footnote re Beeston Fields Primary academy conversion: no, we don’t officially know what has happened. This group sent a letter as part of the ‘consultation’ which was acknowledged. The ‘consultation’ is now over but we are unaware of a final decision having been taken or, if it has, we haven’t been informed.


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