NUAST: something is happening!

The following anonymous comment was received by this website yesterday, 15 July:

“My son is currently a student at NUAST. I made the decision to move him there last year as we were extremely unhappy with his previous school (another academy) for various reasons and as he has an interest and aptitude for science and engineering I naively thought this would be a great opportunity for him. I am politically opposed to academy schools, however you try finding a school in Nottingham that isn’t one!

He started in September and was initially really excited and enthusiastic about his new school. He was looking forward to using the fantastic new equipment and taking part in some exciting extracurricular activities. The school was full of shiny promises. He was patient about the situation with the building not being ready because he was assured that once they moved everything would be wonderful.

What has actually happened is that none of the promises have come to fruition. They have done precisely zero practical work in any of their science lessons, all the engineering work has been theoretical, the promises of “next term” never happen, staff turnover has been so high that he has had several different teachers for most of his subjects. The latest event is that the head has left, seemingly overnight. He didn’t turn up for parents evening on Monday night and then the following morning the kids were informed that he’d left. As he also teaches history they’ve been told that history is now cancelled. So they’ve been working for a year on a GCSE they won’t get. None of this has been formally communicated to the parents.

My son over the last few months has changed from the excited boy looking forward to school and enthusiastic about all the things he’d be learning about to someone who’s completely checked out of education. He is constantly angry and emotional, he broke down in tears on the way to parents evening because he just does not want to be there. He was a clear top set, A* student when he started at that school and he’s just failed most of his end of year exams.

Between bouts of beating myself up for making such a poor decision in sending him there I’m now desperately looking for a new school which a) has a place for him and b) will agree to him repeating year 10. This has been a lost year for him. I cannot begin to express the anger I feel towards that school for the effect they’ve had on my child.”


2 thoughts on “NUAST: something is happening!

  1. Reblogged this on Colin thinks ….. and commented:

    The other blog I run, ‘Hands Off Our Schools’ has been hearing rumblings from NUAST for some time: how well is recruitment going, how many students and staff are jumping ship? Yesterday, a parents sent a comment to us which I’ve just published and now am reblogging here.

  2. How very sad for the children. £10 million taken from local education budgets on a new venture from the government, planned for a curriculum that was withdrawn before building started and adding to the number of places in a sector of education that already has a surplus. Wouldn’t it have been great to use that money to improve established schools? No of course not, you’d be labelled an ‘enemy of progress’ if you suggested that!

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