The tale of the vanishing principal…

The story we ‘broke’ here, has now appeared in an article in the Nottingham Post, which you can read below.

The reporter managed to get a statement from NUAST but, of course, it’s riddled with holes. Let’s remember, this isn’t an ordinary transition from one head to another. In state-run schools – in most businesses, in fact – a period of notice is required. If Mr Sohel is handing over at the end of August, where is he now? Why isn’t he at the school, tidying his desk and running the place? ‘Becoming an OFSTED inspector’ is not a job that requires one to drop everything and run. There aren’t any inspections at the moment so Mr Sohel is unlikely to get any work before mid-September. There is, probably, a half-truth here: guessing he’s actually been trained as an inspector in the past so will be able to do this to earn a living! In the meantime, Mr White is already sending out the letters from the Principal and Mr Sohel’s name has been deleted from the staffing list.

For Mr Sohel to have left his post barely a year after appointment is surprising enough; for him to have vanished two weeks before the end of term is bizarre and suggests there is far more to this than meets the eye. And, don’t forget, this is the second principal to ‘disappear’ since the school was first being planned (the previous one went months before it even opened). Looks like you have better tenure as a premiership football manager than as head of NUAST!

Wonder if it’s true that, as stated in the article, there are 250 student applications for next year. If so, that would be very worrying and it’s important that those young people hear the stories of disappointment and incompetence that are emerging from NUAST.

NB This online version of the story is different in a number of respects from the printed version.


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