UPDATE to ‘NUAST Factfile’

Checking the NUAST website, we note that their staffing DOES now list a teacher of History (the new Head of Post-16) and a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (the latter being the existing Vice-Principal who previously had no subject specialism against her name).

We note also the Principal’s claim that NUAST has doubled in size this September, which sounds impressive but, since this is their second year and students are following two-year courses, it means they have only recruited the same numbers as last year. If, therefore, for example, about seventy joined Year 10 this year and the existing 70 (round figures) rolled through into Year 11, and, similarly in Year 12/13, the total number on roll would be around 190. Since the Year 11s and the Year 13s will be leaving at the end of this academic year (2015-16), this would suggest NUAST cannot expect to go much beyond around 200 unless they manage to vastly increase their recruitment next year. No doubt they will be leaning on Year 11s to progress into the Sixth Form. NOTE These figures are ’round’ and estimates,  based on known figures in 2014-15 and the Principal’s remark.

So, round figures, estimates, but,  if we’re in the right ‘ball park’,  NUAST is, surely, non-viable and currently a very inefficient user of public funds.

Incidentally, we looked in vain on the website for results of external examinations which will have been received over the Summer and which would have been the first evidence of the quality of teaching and learning at NUAST. They’re not there.


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