…and what about 2016?

No predictions – or even ‘resolutions’ – but a few intentions.

During the last couple of months of 2015, we decided to start using social media a bit more so that longer, more thoughtful or detailed pieces can appear here, on the website, and be ‘posted’ on Facebook simultaneously (and on Twitter as well). In addition, some snippets or brief comments will appear directly on our Facebook page. If you’re not following us there, simply click here and ‘like’ so that all our posts will appear in your timeline – and feel free to comment on and, in particular, share our posts so that all your Facebook friends will see them too.

We also have a ‘closed’ Facebook page where supporters can discuss information and tactics. You have to go there and request to join. If one of the administrators recognises you, they’ll let you in (all very ‘cloak and dagger’!)

We intend to try to spread the information we manage to obtain – either from specialist on-line sites or regional newspapers, for example, as well as from our own FoI requests. We hope you will want to spread that information a bit further – indeed, we urge you to do so. The more people know what is really happening in education, the more opposition to this government’s policies will grow.

In the New Year, we have some information about NUAST – obtained via FoI – to share. Look out for it!



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