A NUAST student comments on NUAST

We recently received a comment apparently from a NUAST student, in reply to a post back in November.

As a rule we tend to publish comments without amendment but in this case we have ‘redacted’ the names and subject specialisms of some teachers to whom the student referred, along with two ‘typos’. We have no reason to believe this comment is not genuine. The student is commenting on a post where we quoted a parent who was critical of a NUAST Open Evening she attended with her husband. We recommend you read that post first to get a sense of what the student is commenting on.

“I could not agree more! With me being a current Year 11 student at NUAST, I regret my decision attending. There is no independent learning, and we are often given no choice whether to attend on Saturdays. There are some good teachers though, such as the [subject] teacher [name] and both [subject] teachers. Break and lunch times are short, and the GO-Cart project is not likely to continue.

It is fair to say that me and most of Year 11 and 10 will not be staying for Year 12 and 13.”


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