You can find model letters to contact schools or and examples of leaflets you can adapt and use for campaigning on this page:

Send a letter setting out your opposition to the headteacher and chair of governors. Here are some model letters for you to adapt:



Leaflet Fighting for community status at White Hills Park schools

Resources for opposing free schools

Say no to Nottingham Free School 

Questions to ask at the proposers of Free Schools at public meetings:

Suggested questions for members to ask at Free School public meetings:

  1. Will you be conducting an impact assessment and will the results be available for the public to scrutinise?

“The Secretary of State must take into account what the impact of establishing the additional school would be likely to be on maintained schools, Academies and institutions within the further education sector in the area in which the additional school is (or is proposed to be) situated. (The Academies Act 2010, section 9)

  1. How much will the new school cost? What will be the cost to the taxpayer?
  2. Who are the sponsors? What will the sponsors get out of the deal? Is it really about children’s rights or private profit?
  3. Who will the governing body be? Does the governing body have the technical expertise or the time it will need to take on its responsibilities to protect the school in areas such as health and safety, finance, the law, personnel and other technical areas?
  4. How do you propose to make your school accountable to the local community? Eg with LA, community, staff and parent governors?
  5. How safe is the proposed building? What insurance will you be taking out eg for fire or asbestos claims?
  6. Will you recognise the rights of your staff to organise for union activity, appoint union representatives including health and safety reps and give paid time out for union rep training?