Free schools not the answer, says NAO

The National Audit Office has highlighted the looming problem of a shortage of primary school places, which shows how inappropriate a ‘market approach’ to schools is. Successive governments have sought to link funding to school places when, obviously, schools can’t suddenly add or subtract places by shutting down classrooms or putting up new ones. The NAO also commented that the addition of free schools is doing very little to alleviate the problem. Many free schools are opening in areas where there is no shortage and of course, not all are primary schools.

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Academies Budget is £1 billion overspent says National Audit Office

The BBC reported  on 22 November that total expenditure on academies amounted to £8.3bn – £1bn over budget.

The £1bn includes £350m paid to local authorities for temporary continued funding of places at non-academy schools, effectively double funding places while academies were being set up.