NUAST – finding out what’s going on

The Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology is coming to the end of its first year of operation. Of course it’s been busy recruiting students for next year. We’ve been busy ourselves, doing a bit of research and ‘asking around’,  so we thought we’d find out a few facts ‘from the horse’s mouth’, as it were.

Who are their governors (they call them ‘directors’) and who chose or appointed them? What are they doing for local schools and the community, as required by their funding agreement? How many students and staff have left during the course of this year?

We’ve submitted a ‘Freedom of Information’ request to NUAST to find out the answers! We’ll let you know when we hear back from them.


Demolition of OFSTED by local school governor

Professor Moriarty of Nottingham University, writes on the blog: a devastating demolition of OFSTED’s use of data, following training he received on becoming a school governor.