Hands Off Our Schools Campaign launched at Alderman White, Bramcote Park and Bramcote Hills

The governors of the White Hills Park Federation are exploring the possibility of converting Alderman White school, Bramcote Park school and Bramcote Hills college to academies.

That would mean taking them out of the Local Authority family of schools, in which the LA provides a range of services, including support for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Instead the schools would ‘go it alone’, receiving funding direct from the government and taking on a range of responsibilities and liabilities, ranging from buildings maintenance to pensions.

The Hands Off Our Schools campaign is opposing their conversion to academy status and fighting to keep them as community schools. We believe that Alderman White, Bramcote Park and Bramcote Hills and their students have nothing to gain from converting to academy status and that it would have a negative effect on them and on the wider community.

There is no new money associated with becoming an academy. The only difference is academies receive money direct from the government to buy in a range of services no longer provided to them by the local authority.

The academy then has to buy in these services, ranging from SEN support to Human Resources expertise – but without the economies of scale enjoyed by a local authority. That could quite possibly mean they pay more for the same services. What does that achieve for the schools and their students?

Parents and prospective parents are being consulted on the idea of Alderman White, Bramcote Park and Bramcote Hills converting to academies and we think it is vital they make their voice heard. Parents and teaching staff at The Kimberley School recently succeeded in their campaign against it becoming an academy and we think we can do the same here.

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