Calling all in the Edwalton Primary School area

Yesterday we published a post from ‘EdwaltonParent’, concerned about the possibility of Edwalton Primary School converting to become an academy, and also the process by which this is happening. The Head, on behalf of the governors, issued a letter to parents on Tuesday 19, which also signalled the start of a consultation, promptly interrupted by half-term. The consultation actually runs to the end of term in July, so plenty of time to ask questions, raise concerns and put counter arguments. The consultation should involve staff, parents and the local community. Parents can attend a meeting at the school on 17 June.

Maybe you are a member of staff (teaching or support staff), a parent or a concerned local resident. Maybe you are not necessarily opposed to the conversion but just feel you need to know more, or are unhappy with the process (as things stand, you can ask questions and express your views but you don’t get a vote!)

We at HOOS are opposed to local community schools becoming academies,  for reasons we’ll develop in future posts. But we recognise that these things are up for debate – so let’s have a proper, well-informed debate! We invite anyone to either comment on this or future posts or, if you wish to remain anonymous, as EdwaltonParent did, use the ‘Contribute’ button on our home page. You will need to give us your email address to show good faith but we will publish your comments, unedited, using whatever ‘nickname’ you choose.


Fairfield: leaflets and meeting

Members of this group distributed leaflets — detailing arguments against academisation — to parents at the end of the school day, in advance of the meeting timed for 5 pm. If you attended that meeting and would like others to know what went on, use the ‘Contribute’ button on our Home page to give us details. Your name will not appear, unless you want it to.

Fairfield Primary School in Stapleford will consult on academy status in January 2013

Fairfield Primary School in Stapleford will hold its first formal parental consultation meeting about academy status on 16 January 2013 at 5.00p.m. in school hall.
In June 2012 the Governors at the school made an expression of interest to become an Academy. The school has told parents that this is now something that it is fully investigating as an option for Fairfield for September 2013.

By July 2012, primary academy converters made up only 3% of all state funded primary schools.